Mar 05

Wacky W

I was able to do preschool this week because a cute little baby was sick! Poor guy! I loved how it worked out because I got W week and we celebrated Dr. Seuss. We had so so much fun. I love to watch Ariana interact with her friends. I love to see her learn and LOVE that moment when she “gets” it! It is wonderful watching Tori enjoy preschool and being a big girl! Too bad I didn’t get any pictures of her!

This week we painted with worms!

The girls colored and then cut out W’s. It is such a skill to cut!

In honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday the girls had Wacky Hair Day!

We also made Horton!

This was probably the girls’ favorite activity!

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  1. Denise

    Yes, I forgot to “thank” you for having Shayla come home Tuesday and keep saying, “What?” One time when she did this I finally said, “Shayla, I’m not saying it again.” She said, “But what starts with the letter I learned today!” Turns out she didn’t need to have me say everything 2-3 times, she just was remember that what starts with W!!!

    But Ari made up for it on Thursday by telling her the shirt she wore (with Tweety and the letter T) was cute. I had a hard time convincing her to wear it — it has a T like Tyler, so it must be a boy’s shirt — and she was glad she did after Ari complimented it. Such a sweet, sweet girl you have there!

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