Mar 30

Tori’s ABC’s

The other night all the kids except Tori were in bed and I was on the computer. She wanted to play the ABC’s so I got her all set up. She was playing and laughing and having a fun time. She completed a game and the reward was two kangaroos singing the ABC’s she played it over and over and over. She sang along to it every time. By the fourth time I decided to record it! It is a little dark but I didn’t want to turn on the light and mess her up! I love her little voice!


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  1. jaime

    That is priceless. She has the sweetest little voice ever…She really knows her ABC’s!

  2. Camie

    She is so cute. Ryan is no where near knowing his ABC’s, that’s great she like is so much!

  3. Marie Beck

    That is so cute! I love how when you first started recording she kept looking at you like you were crazy.

  4. Jordan

    Too funny, what a smart little girl

  5. Kjersten Troxel

    serious cuteness! her sideways glances are the best!

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