Dec 19

Santa Hat

Tori is ready for Santa to come!!!


A funny from the week. This might be my favorite ever!! Britain and I were at the store and she asks what to do when someone has a headache

Me: "Why do you have a headache?

Britt: "No a girl in my class does."

Me: "Oh, that's too bad. Did she tell you in class today?"

Britt: "Yeah she said, would you please stop talking you are giving me a headache!"

I laughed and asked her again and she said it again! Oh my, it still makes me laugh!



  1. Michelle Beck

    Too Cute!!! Britt is a funny girl!

  2. denise

    That is hilarious! Glad you wrote that one down. 🙂

  3. Angel Linde

    We are all laughing here!!

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