Nov 17

Marshmallow Men

We picked up a kids magazine from the grocery store last week. In it was a marshmallow man kinda like on Ghostbusters. The kids decided we needed to make shmarshmallow men! After a few days of reminding me to get marshmallows we had a blast making shmarshmallow (No typo, this is how Ariana says it!) men!



We used frosting to get them to stick together but some of them were so big they wouldn't stand up!



Nik did make some but then took them apart to give the other kids more marshmallows! Sometimes he can be such a Sweetie!!



The best part was eating them when we were done!!



  1. Kjersten Troxel

    You are such a fun mom! Silly idea that I am totally doing over Thanksgiving!

  2. denise

    I’ve seen them put together w/toothpicks, too. But then you have to watch the little ones with toothpicks — frosting sounds much yummier. 🙂

  3. Melissa curtis

    You’re such a fun mom! I’m learning to much from you.

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