Jun 24

Kindergarten Days at the Doctor

Today I took Britain and Kalixta to kindergarten days at the doctor. It is the doctor's fun way of getting kids ready for kindergarten by getting their shots, vision test and other tests done. The first thing the girls were ask to do was pee in a cup. It was hilarious listening to them discuss that."We have to pee in a cup!" giggle "How do you pee in a cup?"giggle "Why do we have to?" more giggles "I don't want to drink out of that cup!" 

They had their temperatures taken, oxygen levels check and blood pressure taken. Kalixta thought it all tickled but Britain cried because the blood pressure cuff was squeezing her arm too hard. They had a finger prick to test for anemia. They didn't like that at all. They thought the vision test was funny! Then came all the fun checking from the doctor. Our doctor is great and had the girls giggling through all of it! 
The nurse then brings the girls t-shirts and wants them to take a picture with the doctor. Britain automatically starts posing. Kalixta is much more shy and doesn't know what to do. She starts doing her nervous signal and the doctor liked it and did it too. Here are the pictures!
Then came the shots which they screamed though. They ended up with a juice box, a granola bar, a passport to kindergarten, a t-shirt, and FOUR stickers so it was a good trip!


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  1. Melissa Curtis

    What a great, amazing doctor! I was hanging on every word. Love you!

  2. Marie Beck

    Those pictures are perfect!!!

  3. mom basua

    That was a cool Dr. they sure come out of the Dr’s with alot of stuff, not just shots,pretty cool,as U know the Dr’s over here don’t do that, I think I’ll send Diane’s kids over there for thier shots.

  4. Marci

    Classic pictures to perfectly show the stage they are at right now.

  5. andi

    and I thought my dr. was cool. your’s is way cooler!!

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