Nov 27

Happy Thanksgiving

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is making our thankful turkeys. I trace each of the kids hands and they make it into a turkey. Each of the four fingers is a feather with something they are grateful for that year written on it. I love to see how much they have grown from year to year and what the year has meant to them. We did it early this year so Marci, Jordan and Michelle could do a turkey before they took off. (Sweet Michelle is in the kitchen cleaning.)


When we move to Utah and had family near and visiting for the holiday we included them and my fridge was loaded with thankful turkeys. This year we are missing Jaime, Jason, Joe, Sujin, Jeff, Mom and Dad. So my fridge isn't as full. I miss you all so much! I miss the rest of my fmaily too. Please leave a comment and tell me what would be on your feathers this year!.

This is what we area all thankful for this year!
Ariana: Milk, Bears, Uncles & Aunties, Moomies (movies)
Britain: My baby sister, My dresses, Mommy, Island Barbie
Kalixta: My family, My bed, My clothes, Dentist
Ammon: Friends, Jesus, Baby sister, Wii
Zoe: Doctor, Family, Lauren & Alexa, Mrs Beagles
Nik: Video games, TV, Family, Haylee (the girl he likes at school)
Adam: Exfuse, Temples, Our family, Dunder Mufflin
Me: Good health, My family, Gospel, Life
Marci: New house, Families, Gospel, Graduating
Marie: Free food, My health, Family nearby, Technology to talk to family far away
Michelle: My Fiance, School, My hands, Children, My friends, Gospel, Family, My eyes, My feet
Jordan: Michelle  & her family, Temples, Nephews & Nieces, Food

This is Tori's little tiny hand. We didn't put any thing on her feather. I just wanted her hand print.

This is Jordan and Michelle cuddling! Isn't that cute?!

So what would be on your feathers this year??


  1. Melissa Curtis

    health. family. peace. Christ. love.

  2. Crystal

    Love the turkeys!! You guys are awesome. We hope to see you during the holidays.

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