Mar 09

Crazy Hair Day

This week at the kids’ school it is spirit week. Today is my favorite of all those days, crazy hair day! It is everyone’s favorite. I have to say, my kids looked AWESOME!!

Zoe had a bunhawk!!

Ammon had half spiked and half neat! I love it!

Britain loved her do!

Zoe said Kalixta had the best hair in the school!


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  1. liz jensen

    You are so creative! Is that a potato head under that hair??? Tooo Cute!

  2. Jordan

    Love that hair. All is so good and creative

  3. Sylvia

    Mariyah and i cant stop laughing (we are a lot like Adam) Mariyah said Zoes hair was the best!! But that it looked like it hurt! (heehee, kids!) Kalixtas is way awesome, and Ammons is hella cool..but my favorite was Britians, it looks just like Reds from Fraggle Rock!! She was my favorite Fraggle ever…..great job sister!

  4. Sylvia

    I loved the hair u did a great job on all the kids hair, I bet people can’t wait 2 see what u’ll do next. I liked Ammons it looks like his head blow up on one side.

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