Mar 21

Computer Time

The computer is a hot¬†commodity¬†in our house. Everyone wants to play on it. Even the little girls. My mother in law sent me this fun website that teaches the ABC’s. It is called starfall.com. Tori loves it!! It is so fun sitting next to her and listening to her talk back to the computer. Sometimes she copies what is said. She loves to repeat the letter names and sounds. She often screams with excitement when she really likes the one that comes on. She gets excited when she finishes a game! And she is getting so good at using the mouse.

Ariana really liked playing on it too. Last week I got an email from the school she is going to go to kindergarten to. She was thrilled!!! She got access to a website that she loves playing on! It is teaching her letter names and sounds and sight words! Today, she emptied the dishwasher, then rinsed the breakfast dishes and put them in the dishwasher. She then cleaned her room so she could “do her homework”!! I love it!!

They often play at the same time so one of them will borrow Nik’s headphones so they can both hear what they are doing!

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  1. Marie

    Now you just need to figure out how to make sure they keep that love for learning when they actually start school and then through school. Good luck with that. Also, why in the world is Tori in a swimsuit?

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