Nov 15

CIF vs Santa Monica 11-15-13

CI headed to their first CIF game vs Santa Monica at Santa Monica.

It was a good start and both teams were playing well. At the end of the first quarter Nik went out for and caught a beautiful 30 yard catch. After the catch he didn’t get up. It was agonizing to sit in the stands and watch the coaches come to the field. I could see his legs moving so I knew it wasn’t his knee. He came off the field and I texted Adam, who was on the sidelines, to get an update. He dislocated his shoulder. He didn’t go back in the game. It was hard to watch him hurt and hard to watch his team lose! He was mad at himself for getting hurt but what can you do! It was a sad end to an amazing season! I am so proud of Nik and his team! Can’t wait for next year!


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