Nov 15

Ammon’s check-up

Ammon is our family comedian. He constantly tries to make us laugh, plus he is at that fun stage of discovering things that is so fun. For example, he was watching T.V. one afternoon and came running up the stairs. "Dad" he said " Chicken nuggets are made out of chickens!! Why didn’t you tell me?!" So now he knows!

Last week he came running up the stairs (he is always running!) to Adam’s office and tells him that his heart is not beeping! Adam tilts his head back and listens and assures him that it is. Ammon let out a "Whew, good, I was worried that it had stopped." Later he told me that Dad made his heart start beeping again by tilting his head back.

Now to the check-up. Monday, Ammon had his normal five year check-up. One of the first things the nurse did was take his blood pressure. She explained that she was checking to see how his heart was beating. (Do you see where I am going?!) She told him to stay really still. As she did it, I told her how Ammon thought his heart had stopped beeping. She was great and played along with him as he told her the story. When the nurse finished she turned to record the numbers and Ammon asked her VERY seriously, "So how’s my heart?" She turned and told him his heart was great and he was going to live and long time. He sighed and said "Oh good." like he had been worried about it for years. It was the funniest thing, just thinking about it makes me laugh.

Ammon is perfectly healthy. He weighs a whopping 36 pounds and 9 oz which is in the 16 percentile and is 3 feet 5 inches, which is in the 17 percentile. Everything about him is great. He got to pee in a cup, something he found very confusing, and got his finger pinched to draw blood. He also got four shots and didn’t cry at all! He is very proud of that. He did, however, limp around the house for two days saying that his leg was broken but at least he didn’t cry! 🙂

Sorry no fun pictures, our computer is down again. I’ll try to put some up later. I have never missed the computer before, but now I HATE going a day without  blogging and checking out my friends’ blog! Who would have guessed?!


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  1. cherie

    what a cutie! who doesn’t find peeing in a cup confusing? hee hee.
    loving your blog too!!

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