Jan 29


Adam went to a school assembly today honoring science. At the end of the assembly the science fair winners were announced. Zoe got 2nd place in grades k-3! She was so pleased. She said she saw Adam before but she didn't put it together! I am so proud of her.

She got a medal and a science game. Adam bought her a sweatshirt as a sweet treat for her hard work!!
A funny side note. On the back of the medal it says second place and Zoe Basura! Notice they spelled Basua wrong! Basura in Spanish means garbage. "Story of my life," Adam says!

Nikolas placed 1st in grades 4-8!! He was so embarrassed! His posture and smile say it all! So funny! I so wish I was there. Good thing Adam was able to make it! This is priceless!
He got a book with science projects using batteries. He loves it! He also got a medal with his name spelled right! Adam got him a jacket and some candy!
I am so proud of this kid. He is so smart and special! Someday I hope he can see it!!


  1. Marci

    Nikolas was telling me how embarassed he was. He said ” Yeah , I am glad that I won, but I did NOT want everyone else to know that I even did a project.” He is funny and so smart.
    Congrats to Zoe too. That little girl can do it all.
    Not to mention the help they got from their momma. Lucky kids.

  2. Melissa curtis

    Someday they all will know their excellence because of you! You are a true emissary of God, full of love and encouragement. And because they will read what you wrote and remember the feeling of love just like I do readingthis post. Lucky kids indeed. They played their cards right in heaven! LOL

  3. mom

    Don’t I have the best grandkids! Great job. Way to go!Congratulations on all the hard work. And of course, thanks to the best mom to make it all possible. Your dedication to home and family is of top priority. I’m glad you can record their accomplishments and look back at your “diary” to feel the joys of motherhood. Love you all.

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