Oct 20


Tori turned two today! She loved having everyone tell her Happy Birthday! She usually told them Happy Birthday back!! We had a busy day so we will celebrate her birthday properly on Sunday. The kids got mad at me for not making a cake today and Sunday so I got her some Zingers and we sang to her!

She sang the whole time we sang to her, it was so cute!!! She blew out one candle fast and had a hard time with the last one she almost gave up! She did get it in the end with lots of yells of encouragement! 


Those Zingers are sure good!


I have seen lots of pictures with the birthday child holding up their hand with their age displayed. I love these shots of Tori doing that!

Cheesing so hard she forgot her hand!

Bunny ears?



Marci, Kenny and baby came over to say Happy Birthday and brought a surprise!!


She was so excited and has played with them all night!


Happy, Happy birthday to my sweet 2 year old!!

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