Nov 23

Tori’s walking

Tori took her first steps a few weeks ago and has been practicing everyday. The kids love to get her to walk to them. They are very proud of her. The last two days her walking has exploded! She walks every where she wants now. She only crawls if she falls down and needs something to help her to her feet.

Zoe took this video Sunday. I am a little sad. It seems once they start crawling they aren't babies anymore! 

I love how her arms are over her head and her breathing cracks me up!


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  1. leslie

    I love the Frankenstien walk! They dont do that for long!

  2. denise

    Just watch it, because now her hands are free to carry anything anywhere … 🙂

  3. Sylvia Basua

    Tori is walking lookout world no stopping her now. When U come for Christmas were having two little people over the place, Tori gonna like the back yard, she be all over, can’t wait to see her walking.

  4. Sylvia Basua

    That is too cute! Its like shes on a rollercoaster, I love it!!!
    ~Diane Moore

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