Jan 25


Tori has thrush. She hasn't been fussy or bad, thank goodness. I called the doctor and he said to try something called Gentian Violet before bringing her in for a prescription. Just like it's name this stuff is violet. It turns everything purple. Tori's mouth, clothes, chin and my clothes and skin. It is pretty funny. Whenever anyone sees her they laugh and ask what she been eating!



  1. Tara Brooks

    The question is, “does it work?”
    Very cute purple mouth Lil’ Miss Tori-Tore! She is too cute!

  2. Diane Moore

    OMGosh she has a round face like Marqus, they are both getting so big. She looks perrty in her aunties favorite color.I love her give her big kisses for us over here in Oxnard.

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