Nov 17

The Invitation

Adam's brother Nick is getting married in April to Donna. We all love Donna. She is a sweetheart and a great addition to the family! (Aren't they the cutest couple!!)


Nick and Donna decided they wanted all their nieces to be flower girls in their wedding. Friday each of my girls got a personal invitation from them to be flower girls!
My girls were ecstatic!! They ran into Adam's office screaming, "We get to be flower girls! We get to be flower girls!" They were so happy to get their own invitation with their name on it!! They know being flower girls means pretty dresses, pretty hair and a wedding. Ari calls it a bedding! "I go to a bedding!" she says every time she sees the invite! Her's is very crinkled and crushed!

The girls all called Uncle Nicky on Sunday to formally accept the invitation! They couldn't be more excited! Seriously my description is so lacking their enthusiasm. Thanks Donna and Nick, for making my girls feel so loved and special. We love you guys and we all can't wait until April!!!


  1. andi

    How sweet of them to do it so formally. Your girls are beautiful.

  2. Melissa Curtis

    Oh, I can’t wait for those pics! It will be amazing.

  3. Jennifer (Griffith) Moore

    How awesome!!
    Congrats Nicky!!

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