Jul 31

The Boys

Having KP here gives the boys one more on their team! All the kids are so sweet and love KP so much! We hate that we live so far apart!

Nik swinging with the little guys!

Ammon loves to goof around with KP. He got down on his hands and knees so that KP could ride on him!

KP loved it!

Look Mom no hands!!

Love love those boys!!


  1. Marci

    That is too cute!! I am so glad you posted these pictures so I can save it.
    I am sure KP is hoping for a brother, he did love hangin with the boys

  2. grandma

    Even if the boys are out-numbered, I think they hold their own.
    They’re always in the middle of things.

  3. Leslie

    Thank you for moving away! I can imagine all the 14 year old girls going CRAZY over Nik (mine included). He is such a handsome boy!

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