Nov 24


This week has been wonderful with all my family here. One worth much thanksgiving! This day has been very special and I have much to be thankful for so here is my list in alphabetical order:

A Adam, Ariana, Ammon

B Britain, Blogs, Books, BYU

C Christ, Candy, Chapstick, Candles, Charlie

D Doctors, Diapers, Dachshunds

E Extended Family

F Friends, Father-In-Law

G Grandparents, Gospel, Gum, Great health

H Home (MY!), Hot showers,

I Ice Cream, IBM, Indoor Plumbing

J Joey, Jason, Jaime, Jordan, Jeff

K Kalixta, Kenny

L Lotion, Lemonade, Lost

M   Moore Family,  My Mother-In-Law, Marci, Marie, Michelle, Music, Missionaries, Maisy

N Nikolas, Nieces, Nefews Neighbors

O Olives

P Parents, Pacifiers, Pictures,

Q Quidditch

R Red Pines Ward

S School, scrapebooks,

T Temples, Teachers (school and Primary), Thrift Stores, Target

U Uncles, Ups and Downs

V Van (twelve seater)

W Wolf den, Work, Warms Jackets

X X-rays

Y Yams, The ‘Y’

Z Zoƫ


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  1. Tara Brooks

    Charlie says that he grateful to you guys too! Ok, we know it’s the dog, but I can’t help laughing every time you refer to “Charlie”! Love you guys. Happy Thanksgiving!

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