Nov 18

Thankful Turkeys

Thanksgiving can not come with out Thankful Turkeys. I love to read what the kids write each year and see how their hands grow!

Michael’s says airplanes & choo choo trains, Johnny Test, Bro Bradshaw’s cookies, Hot Cheetos

Ariana’s says Family, Prophet, School, Love

Britain’s says Pj’s, Mrs Randolph, Mrs Potato Head, Family

Kalixta’s says Family & Friends, TV (A.N.T. Farm), Pencils pens crayons markers & Paint, Jello

Ammon’s says Free Country, Earth, Familia, Life

Zoe’s says Showers, Cake Boss What Not To Wear & Say Yes to the Dress, Bingo & Jojo (our turtles) and Cheez-its & Extra Cheddar Goldfish

Nik’s says Chicken, Johnny Test, Sports, Family

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