Aug 13


We went swimming at Kenny and Marci's pool again yesterday. It was so much fun! We have been going almost every week and the kids are getting so good! They are so much more at ease and confident than when we first started. They all have floaties or life vests now that help them swim like little fish. They will all jump into the pool. Ammon is so brave he will jump into the pool with NO floaties on! Here is a few videos of the kids showing off!

Here is a video of Ariana jumping into the pool!

Here is Ammon jumping into the pool!

Here is Britain jumping into the pool!

This video needs a little explanation! This is the second race. The first one Marci was pushing Britain and Jordan was pushing Ariana. Jordan won. Britain wanted to win so she asked Jordan to push her. Marci told Jordan to let her win. So at the end of the race Britain can't believe she didn't win.

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