Sep 21

Splash Pad

We went to the splash pad again Friday. It was the perfect day so there were a lot of people there. That did not stop the kids from having a blast! 


I tried a new angle for my pictures. I tried taking them from the ground. This is the only one I liked but it is pretty cool. I love Tori's little ruffle butt watching the action but not brave enough to go in. Ammon's awesome leap through the spout is pretty cool too! Ariana standing and watching with awe is so her!


Zoe discovered the hair flip! She thought she was so smart I didn't have the heart to tell her that women have been doing that for years! In a splash pad might be new though:)!


Ariana's face cracks me up! I see this expression often, so glad I got in on film!


Britain and Kalixta had to try too. Kalixta was a little embarrassed so only did it twice. Britain loved it and did it again and again all over the park!


  1. leslieh

    I love the hair flip pictures! Those are AWESOME!

  2. mariyah

    i love ariannas face in that picture with zoe,and this iz mariyah.tell evry body i love them..love the pxs

  3. denise

    Great pics. Love the silly girls. 🙂

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