Oct 27


Our sweet friends have a little girl Tori's age. They refer to her as spicy! I love this description! I would have to put Tori in that category too. She is a girl who knows her mind and will NOT allow anyone to change it!! She likes things her way and her way alone! This causes a few fights around our house since I can't let her do everything she wants. She has learned this ear piercing scream that makes everyone in our house take a step back from what they are doing! Sometimes it is funny! Sometime annoying! Sometimes cute!

This is an example of when it is cute! Adam was laying on the sofa so I put Tori on top of his back to play with him. Well, that girl decided she liked it there and refused to get off. Adam tried every trick he knew. Asking nicely. Telling sternly. Pretending to be hurt. Saying he needed to go! Nothing work. She sat there pretending she wasn't sitting on him and couldn't hear him. It was pretty funny!! I had to snap a picture before I came to his rescue!!

She is pretty proud of herself!!

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  1. Nikki Ives

    I just can’t believe your babies are so big!! She is beautiful!

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