Jan 26

Snow Day

I got my wish! It snowed all day yesterday and all night. We now have so much snow. When I went out to start the car I really realized how much snow was out there. Adam had to snow plow so he could get out of the driveway! No Joke! This is how deep the snow is. This all fell last night!

Since Adam spent the morning snow plowing the driveway the girls had to go out and play. They love to stand in the snow the is flying through the air because of the snow plow. They were covered in snow when they came in.
Can you see the snow stuck to Kalixta's hair?
I should have taken pictures of their backs! There was snow in their hoods and all through their hair. It was pretty funny!

Of course we have to have hot coco when the playing is done!

The trees look beautiful all loaded with snow!
Their is such a peacefulness to the snow, if you ignore the trash cans!


  1. Melissa Curtis

    I liked the picture looking up at the tree, and of course the girls and their coco. It’s really beautiful how the snow falls and sticks and cleans everything.

  2. Marci

    Opps we had similar posts. haha

  3. Diane Moore

    awwwh meliss thats beautiful the the girls in the snow I miss u all so much.
    Of course the picture u took of the tree loaded with snow is so pretty.

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