Nov 21

Snow Clothes

We have not had a good snow yet this year. Kinda disappointing!! We are all waiting for it. I decided to go through all the snow clothes to see what fits and what needs to be bought so that when it does snow we will be ready! Ari loved trying on her snow pants and boots and hat. She didn't want to take them off! She just waddled around the living in them! So cute! 

Last year Ariana didn't like they snow too much. She didn't like sledding at all. Maybe this year will be different since she likes her clothes so much!
I love these dark brown eyes!!
Ari hasn't figured out that she needs to hold still when we take her picture. She says "Cheese!" but then moves too. It is funny taking pictures of her. Lots of blurred ones! Lots of pictures of her back! Adam did a good job getting a few great ones! 

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  1. melanie

    sooooooo cute! i hope I get sarah out in the snow this year…

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