Oct 19

Sleeping Everywhere!

Tomorrow is Tori's birthday! I can't believe she is going to be 2! She is an amazing, fun, stubborn, little girl that I can't imagine my life without! She keeps me laughing all day long! The poor girl though, being the youngest of seven, often has to take what she can get! I have been so busy packing and cleaning the last month on top of everything else sometimes the girl has to fend for herself. This displays itself when I find her asleep in the weirdest places!

She finished her lunch and just got comfy and went to sleep!


We were reading books in her room when I had to go to the bathroom. I swear I was only gone for a minute!


She is underneath the computer in the kitchen! I was probably blogging and she got tired of waiting for me!


This time she decided to get a pillow!


This one cracks me up!! She was having lunch again and decided to go to sleep!



Another eating one!


I love those lips!!


I have a bunch more pictures that I can't access right now, but you get the idea! It is a pretty funny sight to come across!

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  1. denise

    I think you’re working the girl too hard! Haven’t you heard of child labor laws? 😉 So cute!

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