Jan 31


We all went sledding today. There was plenty of snow and sun shine! The perfect combination! 

Ari had a blast! Last year she didn't like sledding. Totally different this year! She was so fun! When asked if she wanted to go down she would say no, but as soon as someone got ready to go she was in their lap ready.

She was so great at holding Jordan's hand and walking up the hill over and over!
Kalixta likes to sled with her Daddy! Or anyone really. She always needed a buddy.
Britain would slide down all by herself and then just walk right up again! No whining. No complaining! She was such a trooper!
Zoe got so hot playing she had to dip her face in the snow to cool off!
Nikolas always has a good time outside with his Uncles and Aunts!
Tori slept the first little while we were there. Then she got up, ate, and had a little look around!
She even went for a ride. I don't know if she enjoyed it, but she didn't hate it!

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  1. Diane Moore

    How fun remember when we were there Squish and Rhea Rhea were little now Toris turn. I love & miss u all so much.
    ~Happy snowing

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