Jul 26

Shooting Range

We have a wonderful couple who have adopted our kids as their grandkids! They took 6 of the kids to Home Town Buffet the other night! He brings Oreo cookies to them almost every Sunday! They all sit on the back sofas after church and eat them! They are so sweet and wonderful!

He is a avid shooter! One Saturday he took Adam and Ammon out shooting! They had an amazing time! Ammon loved loved shooting! He was really good at it and might shoot in a competition next month!

Unloading the ammo!

Safe and ready to shoot!

Lesson by Bro. Bradshaw!

Ready. Set. Fire.

He got to shoot two different types of guns!


At this range the goal was to hit metal plates. Each plate had a different ring to it. There was a recorder/timer. You pressed the start button and the device would time how long it took to hit each plate! Adam brought home lots of video for me to watch of Ammon hitting the plates! The last one was perfect, each shot hit the target! It was so fun to watch! Good Job Ammon!

Thanks Bro. Bradshaw for the awesome day!!

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