Jan 23

Science Projects

Zoe, Ammon, and Nik all had the option of doing a science project. I, being the mean mom that I am, made them each do one! In the end they all had fun with the experiment part and hopefully learned a little bit. Ammon and I had fun trying to mix oil and water. We then layered five different liquids to make a rainbow in a jar.

Zoe and I had fun making cookies. We left out the leavening agents to see what would happen. The family had a good time taste testing all the cookies! Thanks for the idea Tara!!
Nik, well his face says it all! He liked the experiment which was seeing if molecules moved faster in hot, warm, or cold water but the rest of the project was "boring." Everything in his life is right now.
Nik was not to happy to be taking pictures. I can't decide if I make him take pictures and get these results (this was the best one by the way) or don't take pictures and when I'm old I will wonder where he is at. 


  1. Melissa Curtis

    I remember when Makayla did a science project in the 3rd grade. Then we moved and then moved schools, then moved again. Now she’s in 6th grade and the middle school here, and I am sad she hasn’t been able to do one again. But then again, I’d probably get the same reaction as Nik; they aren’t 8 anymore!

  2. melanie

    SOOOOOO cool! Hooray for “mean moms!” Thanks for sharing so much of your life with all of us. You are such a great example to me!!!!! I love you!

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