Sep 16

School Days

I taught Ariana's preschool again today! It was a lot of fun. Those little girls are dolls and are so full of energy! We learned the letter D so I made them play dough. They had to make snakes and form the letter Dd. It was kinda hard but all the girls got it. I will only post pictures of Ariana for obvious reasons but the other girls look just as cute with their D's.


Next I got out cookie cutters that had things that started with D like dog, dinosaurs, and ducks! Here is Ariana with her dog!


Adam had Tori most of the time but she was there to play play dough with us!


She loves being a big girl!


We read books, sang songs, danced, colored and wrote the letter D. We also learned about dogs so we made a dog puppet! It turned out so cute!


Tori got my example because she wanted one too!

I loved doing preschool and can't wait for my turn again in five weeks! We will be doing the letter Hh and hippos!!! 

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  1. denise

    Tori loves being a big girl, but she better not grow up too fast, because I just LOVE those cheeks! 🙂 You did an awesome job w/pre-school. I’ll have to get copies of your pics so I can burn a CD of them all at the end of the year. 🙂

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