Oct 21

Pumpkin painting

Zoe, Ammon, Britain, and Kalixta all got a pumpkin from school. I local farmer donated a pumpkin for each student! That is a lot of pumpkins! The school decided they would have a pumpkin decorating contest. The kids had to decorate the pumpkin like a character from a book! I called Michelle! She is the best at that and has tons of supplies! They all sketched out what they wanted and then started!




Ariana and Tori are always in on any painting! Love that tongue sticking out!


Tori painted a few pictures and then decided to paint her nails! Too cute, that girl!

The final projects were amazing! Can you guess what character or book?


See the little black figure? Cat In The Hat!


Britain did Sam I AM from  Green Eggs and Ham! Can you tell we are a Dr Seuss family?!


Ammon's was so cool but he had a hard pumpkin. It was really bumpy therefore so hard to draw/paint on. It is all the characters from The Wimpy Kid! His pictures were well done and really looked like the book! We love love love that book!

Zoe's was awesome! It's the Cheshire Cat! Thanks for the help Michelle ! I could NOT have done that without you!!

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  1. Alexis

    Melissa, YOU ARE SO GOOD AT BLOGGING! How in the world do you do it?!! I’m amazed. truly amazed. Loves…

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