Jan 28

Potty Time

I started potty training Ari last week. The first days were ROUGH, but I think she is getting it. She had only a few accidents the last few days! She started telling me when she has to go!  She hasn't went poop yet though. That is the hardest part! Hopefully tomorrow. 

She has the cutest little froggy potty that she loves!
She enjoys reading her potty book!


 When she is done we have a candy jar! She loves it, of course!
Wish us luck when we venture out of the house tomorrow!!


  1. Marci

    The first one is for sure a pic to pull out when she starts dating. haha

  2. Alexis Thunell

    What a cutie!! Cleaning up the remains of potty training is so much more bearable when you have such a smily face to look at– like hers!! She’s amazing…little Joseph (well, actually big Joseph) just became a bonified potty trainee over a month ago. If I recall right, he’s a full year older than her!! Amazing! By the way, tell Yo-Yo Buzz I think he is pretty funny himself!!! Love you guys!

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