Jun 30

Play Ball!

More baseball! Nik's team took first in the regular season and tonight won their second game of the tournament! They play Thursday and then again Tuesday for either first, second or third place.

Nik had an awesome game tonight. He pitched three inning and only had one hit which he threw to first for the out. He also went two for three up to bat!


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  1. Marie Beck

    Awesome, Nik! Also, I love that picture of you and Nik, very cute.

  2. Katie

    That is such a cute picture of the two of you!!!

  3. jaime

    wow! congrats on the win! we might be down in the Provo area thursday..what time is his game?

  4. Melissa Curtis

    Sounds like he has some sport talent. Not that you’d know anything about that , Melissa! Is…he…taller…than…you? Bahahaha!!

  5. mom

    What a great season! Congratulations, Coaches and Team! Melissa, are you standing up? Is Nik that much taller than you? WOW!

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