Apr 28

Pinewood Derby

Tonight Ammon had his first ever Pinewood Derby Race. Before making his car Adam asked him if he wanted a cool car or a fast car. Ammon picked cool which shocked me, because Ammon likes to be the fastest. After tonight I would have to say that he had the coolest car there and I am not biased or anything!!


Ammon's car looks like a race track with little cars on it and a checkered flag at the end!


And of course he is number 6!


Adam and Ammon had a great night together racing!


His car won the "Best Race Themed Design." He had people telling him all night how cool he car was. It wasn't the fastest car which was just fine by him, cause it was the coolest!


Don't you love the upside down certificate?!


  1. denise

    It was TOTALLY the coolest car. Way to go, Ammon!

  2. sylvia basua

    WoW! I think that is not just the cooliest car but the best thought of, man o’ man Ammon that is so awesome, way ta go times 10!
    ~Antie Diane

  3. Donna & Nicky

    Looks like fun! It was definitely the coolest car there–so much detailed work! Nice job, #6!

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