Nov 03


My goal has always been to take a family photo once a year and to take a picture of all the kids together once a year. Well, up to this point I have failed miserably. But this year I got a deal I could not refuse, FREE COUPONS! Anything free is right up my alley. I recieved a coupon for a free 10X13 and no sitting fees. This deal was too good to pass up. Plus I got TWO of them, one for the famliy, one for the kids, perfect. So off we went to JcPenney to take pictures. The kids pictures were the easiest. Everyone did great – no crying. The hardest thing was picking clothes.


Next was the family photo. Not as easy as the kids’ because I was in it. Britain decided she had to sit with only me, which means that is what Kalixta wants too. And do you think they can share me? Not a chance. But it turned out good and we got some great pictures. Hopefully next year I will get more free coupons so I will be super motivated to go. 









  1. Tara Brooks

    You both look just WAY too young to be having six kidlets. Maybe that’s true and maybe I’m just trying to deny the fact that I’m older than you. hee hee! You have such a beautiful family and the pictures are great!

  2. melanie

    You all look fabulous!! I am so proud of you on your super-blog-ness! I love “tuning in” each day to see something new. You sure have the picture thing down! (something I have yet to master!) Love you all!

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