Dec 31

Santa Barbara Sea Center

Yesterday we went to the Santa Barbara Sea Center. We had a free family ticket that I have been waiting to use! It expires at the end of the year so off we went! Lucky for us Jordan, Michelle, Marie, Mom and Dad were free so they all went down with us! It was so cool! All the kids loved the museum!

There was a really cool jelly fish exhibit. They were so fun to watch gliding in the water!

The view was gorgeous! That blue eyed girl is pretty cute too!

There was a big tank set up to be like the natural ocean with a wave and everything! We enjoyed watching the fish in their natural environment!

The touch tanks were our favorites! We spent a lot of time there touching different sea stars and sea creatures!

Ammon liked the pokey ones!

Tori touched everything and Micheal touched nothing! He was content to just look! Tori wanted to touch and touch! She even held a star fish!

Each of the kids got to touch a shark! They couldn’t believe how soft it felt!

It was a gorgeous day!

We are so lucky to have these people in our life!

Ammon was a little bummed we didn’t go to the beach so I found a easy spot to stop and we pulled over to touch the sand and water!

These kids love the beach!

Another beatiful view! We live in such an amazing place!!

Dec 30

Christmas Toy Fun

Our Christmas break has been filled with playing. The kids got many crafty or artsey gifts. We love gifts like that so they have been busy busy!

Someone is always wearing this horse head!!

Tori made this headband! She was pretty proud of herself!

Kalixta loves her pottery wheel!

Britain’s spin art machine is fun for everyone!

Thanks again everyone for the gifts! Whether there is a picture of not we have been enjoying them!



Dec 29

Christmas With the Basua

Sunday the whole Basua family got together to have our Christmas! The kids got spoiled once again.

It was great spending the day with family!

All 16 of the Basua cousins!

The Grandkinds with the Grandparents!

The whole Basua Clan! It isn’t very often we are all together!

Thank you all for the thoughtful gifts and fun time!! We love you!!


Dec 27

Christmas At Auntie Elva’s

Usually we spend Christmas Eve with the Basua’s. Santa comes and brings little presents to the kids. Grandma Gloria has gifts for all the kids. We eat and talk and play! It is perfect! This year Adam’s sister and parents went out of town so we were left by ourselves on Christmas Eve. It was great to be just us!

This year since we didn’t do Christmas Eve, Adam’s Aunt Elva invited us to her house Christmas night. We were lucky enough to even see Santa! He made a special stop for us!

Michael had no fear, no hesitation! Just excitement to see Santa!

Christmas is always a fun time for the cousins to get together!

And lots of pictures to be taken!


Dec 26

Christmas With The Beck’s!

After a delicious breakfast of hash and eggs made by Adam we went to my parents house to see them, Jordan and Michelle, and Joe and Sujin. And of course open more presents!

My Mom made all the girls, including me, a maxi skirt and then she found a shirt to match! Tori loves hers and looks so good!!

Melty beads from Prague! There is hours of fun in that small container!

Kalixta’s skirt and shirt!

Britain and Kalixta both got these cute craft sets! Perfect!

Ammon already using his new gift!

I didn’t take nearly enough pics, but we had fun with my family! Thanks everyone for the awesome gifts! We love them and you!! We soooo missed the rest family that wasn’t here!

Dec 25

Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning started early! The younger kids woke Ammon up at 6, then tried to wake me up but I told them to wait 30 minutes which they patiently, not quietly, did! They woke up Michael, Zoe, Nik and then us again! We went down and found the note Santa left. The kids looked and when Ammon found the pickle he let Michael find it!

Michael was excited to open the first present! I love that Tori is cheering him on! Pure excitement!

He got an awesome Ninja Turtles skateboard! He was ready to be done! Imagine his surprise when he discovered his stocking full of presents too! He opened one right after the other pausing just to see what is was and show me, then on to the next gift!

Ariana got skates! The four younger girls did! They spent the day skating!

Ammon also got a skateboard!

The skates were perfect because they came with a helmet, knee pads and wrist guards! Ariana thinks it should have come with butt pads too!

There is a backpack to hold everything in! Perfect!!

Michael could not wait to open his car track! I see hours of fun in the future!

Daddy gave Tori Princess Sophia dress up dolls!

Nik got a horse head! Hahaha! He got a watch and the video game he wanted too. But the horse head….classic!

Zoe already borrowing Nik’s stuff! She got a long board!

More Princess stuff for Tori!

Ammon borrowing Nik’s gift!

Presents are opened…she is ready to skate!

We had a magical morning! And a fun morning playing with all our stuff!

Merry Christmas!


Dec 24

Christmas Eve!

This sight makes me so happy!

Merry Christmas all!!

Dec 24

Gingerbread Houses

We did gingerbread houses today with my parents, Grandma, Joe, Jordan and Michelle. We sure missed a ton of people!

There were so many choices! Mmmmmm!

Getting started!

Ammon was very thoughtful and creative with his this year! He had fun getting ideas from Michelle and then making them his own!

Kalixta is so creative and precise in her gingerbread house making! Her sled with little people on it was too cute!

Britain found many ways to use her favorite candy…Skittles!

Zoe is another creative genius. Her draw bridge was prefect! And her snowman…!

Ariana got lots of help from her favorite person, Jordan! He built her a steady house for a lot of candy!

Tori was not shy with the candy this time! She named each “room” in her house…frog room, kissing room, snuggling room, and colorful room!

Michael slept the first hour we were there. When I woke him he was pretty grumpy until he saw all the candy! He helped me with his house!

All the amazing creations!!


Dec 23

Christmas Adam

Tonight is Christmas Adam…because Adam came before Eve! Every Christmas Adam the kids sleep around the Christmas tree! We rushed home from the temple to set up beds and sleep!

Nik and Zoe like sleeping by the tree but like their beds better! The floors are too hard for them!

Dec 23

Christmas Concert

Kalixta, Britain and Ariana had the opportunity to sing in a Youth Christmas Choir. They have been practicing since the beginning of Nov! They performed twice on Sunday in a communittee concert called Joy To The World. Then tonight we drove down to the Los Angeles Temple and they performed there! It is quite an honor to perform at the Temple! The girls have been excited for this night all month!

The visitors center was decorated with beautiful trees from all different cultures! Kalixta liked this one with all the eggs on it!

I am so lucky I got to spend this evening with my amazing girls!

Ariana’s favorite tree was decorated with gingerbread men!

The Temple grounds are decorated with tons of lights! It is a beautiful sight!

We walked around with some friends of ours who were there with the concert!

I soooo wish our eyes weren’t all crazy but it was a great night!

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