Nov 06

Pack Rat

Pack rat is what we loving call Kalixta. You rarely see her without at least two things. Toys, hats, jewelry, purses, books it doesn’t matter she carries all her stuff everywhere. Anytime we want to go somewhere, Kalixta has some container, a doll house, purse, or her soft cube, filled with toys. Then the fight starts as soon as we get to where we are going and she wants to bring her collection with her. Many times we take her into church or a store or the library or whereever crying because she can’t take her things with her.

For the ultimate example, and why this blog came to be, look at the picture of just the kids and what do you see? Kalixta is holding two horses and of course you can see the feet in the picture! I didn’t want her to cry right before pictures and that is what I get- horse feet in the photo. That’s okay! We will ALWAYS remember that Kalixta was the family pack rat. I was hoping that she would eventually outgrow it. But I guess as soon as she does I will miss the fact that she did it.

Princesskal Here you can see two dolls and her crown, but what you can’t see is the purse on the floor she has filled with her stuff!

Kalsings The rule in our house is that ALL toys stay downstairs. Well when she brought this stuff up I was curious so I let her be. I am glad I did! Kalixta set up her little shop! She placed her dolls, hymn books and cards out and then sang for me. She of course sang her two favorite words – "No Way!"

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