Feb 17


We recently found out that Britain needs orthotics. Orthotics are implants that go into her shoes and help change the shape of the bones in her feet. Her bones are forming wrong which causes her to be flat footed and knock kneed. It is not a big deal now, but as she grows older her feet and ankles will always ache.

So we have made a number of trips to the podiatrist. We went to leave Tuesday to pick them up and she ran to tell her Daddy good bye. Adam asked her where she was going and she told him "the doctor." He made a sad face at her. She said "It’s okay Daddy there is no blood at this doctor. He tickles my feet." Adam and I had a good laugh and off we went to the doctor.

I told the receptionists the story while I waited for the doctor and they laughed. The doc came out to the waiting room gave me the orthotics, a couple papers and a few instructions and he left. I made Britt’s next appointment and started shooeing the kids out the door. Britain then proceded to fall to the ground crying "I wanna see the doctor! I want him to tickle my feet! I like the doctor." The receptionists and I cracked up. I showed Britain the orthotics and explained we would be back in two weeks for the doctor to tickle her feet. She jumped up and was out the door with a quick wave to the receptionists. I am sure they will laugh about that for a while. I know we will.


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