Nov 20

One Month Old

Tori is one month old today. It's been a crazy, fast, fun, loud, month! On Sunday I took pictures of Tori. I am not good at photography, but I love it. I wish I had the eye for it. But I just don't. So I just look at pictures others have taken and try to copy! Hopefully over time I will get better, but so far it is not looking good!:) I am happy with how my pictures came out. So here there are.

I love her sweet tiny hands!
Do her eyes look blue? We are still trying to decided if they will be colored or brown.
Love, love, love tiny feet that don't stink!! Her toes are so long! 
This face always makes me smile!!
So serious!
I figured out how to do black and white pictures with photo shop. I need to play with it more so I can do more things with the photos I do take.
I really love the black and white! If you look carefully you can see all the little hairs on her arm and back! So cute!!
Of course Ari had to take pictures too. She was really cute and held still, which is not normal!
Ariana's foot looks so big next to Tori's!


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  1. Meghan Till

    She is so darling!! I think the eyes will turn blue.

  2. Melissa Curtis

    First of all Brown IS a color. haha And I think her eyes are like Brittains. And as far as your picture taking abilities, you did great! Now what photographers do is touch up on photoshop. Instead of making the pictures black and white, they desaturate the photo taking some of the color or soften it with a glaussian blur. Like I know. But that’s what I think they do.

  3. andi

    These pictures are beautiful. You did great.

  4. melanie

    I am so proud of you for taking pictures even though you may not be Cherie or Tara. You inspire me–i think Tori looks fabulous. Way to go, Mom!

  5. Tiffany Throckmorton

    She is so cute!! Great photos!

  6. mom

    I just sat and cried. She’s so beautiful and I’m not there. The pictures are beautiful. What a great photographer you are.

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