Nov 29

Old Man Winter

We were sitting down to eat dinner on Monday night when Nik looked out the window and said, "Gee, look at all the bugs."

I thought to myself, "What is he talking about? There are no bugs around in this cold weather."

I looked out the window myself and saw a bunch of "bugs" banging against the window. After further review, I realized that it wasn’t bugs we were seeing but SNOW and tons of it. A good inch had fallen without us even knowing. It was already dark and so we didn’t bother to look outside.

So, we scarfed down our dinner and got dressed. The first thing I did was pelt Nik with about 28 snowballs. I haven’t had that much fun in a while. I even got Melissa when she poked her head out the back door from the kitchen. Oh how I laughed. She didn’t think it was funny. I’ll let her tell that story herself.

So we made a snowman and had a blast. The snow fell all night and I woke up to about 18 inches of snow. I had to run to Home Depot and buy a snow shovel. That is one part of winter that I can tell you I am not going to like. Good thing I got a strapling young son to help. hehehe.

We were bummed that Melissa’s family missed it- and by 2 days. Oh well, next time Marie. You should be glad because I would have pelted you with 628 snowballs if you were here.

Here are some pictures. Click on the photo of Ammon eating the snow and you’ll see tons more. Or you can CLICK HERE.



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