Aug 09

New Season

Adam is now playing on a co-ed softball team. There are a lot of the same guys plus Marci, Marie and Michelle. It is really fun because we have more players to cheer for!

We really miss Jason and Jaime who moved to Louisiana. Jason got the grad assistant position on the LSU football staff. The moved about two weeks ago.

Adam is pitching again!
Here is the fantastic coach/manager Kenny!


The park they play at is really great. It has a center building with the snack bar and rest rooms. Then all the fields are around it. I feel pretty safe letting the older kids run around with other kids they meet. Too bad Ariana thinks she is a big girl. Last night she wanted to run and play with everyone else, which makes me nervous. I tried to bribe her into sitting still with a movie from Adam's iphone! For the first time ever this didn't work. She sat for less than a minute and then she was off again. I did manage to get a quick picture though!


  1. andi

    these pictures are great. Looks like great fun!!

  2. cherie

    whoo-hoo! looks like fun!

  3. Marci

    It is fun. Once you push that next baby out for sure you are gonna play with us.

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