Sep 17

New Park

Next to the new splash pad is a new park. It is just as cool as the splash pad and the kids have a hard time deciding which one to go to. We decided that as long as it was warm we would go to the splash pad and then when it gets cold we will go to the park. Last Friday we tried to go to the splash pad but there was a chilly wind so the kids only lasted an hour in the water. We figured it was a park day.

There are lots of swings but only four of them look like this one! They kids could stay there forever! I have to limit them because everyone wants to swing on them!


The climbing wall is pretty crazy too! It doesn't stop Ammon though! He was all over it!


There is a cool huge rock to climb on top of!


And crazy rings to climb through!


Tori loved whatever this is!


The spider web is way cool. Ammon loved climbing that!


So many things to do!



We will be back again and again!


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