Aug 27

My New Gadget!

Everybody who knows Adam, knows he loves gadgets! Anything to make something easier or funnier he loves. Typically I am too cheap to buy these types of things. He is not!

He loves to look around stores like Bed Bath & Beyond. Me? I go in get what I need and get out!

Well last week we went there and he found a new gadget for me. And I love it! It is called Pancake Puffs. It makes pancakes and more!

Let me explain why it is so great! It helps my kids eat because the food looks fun! Kalixta and Britain do not like eggs. But whip them with cheese and bacon bits cook them in here and they both ate four! Ariana will eat anything I make in here because she thinks they are cookies! Kalixta doesn't like hot dogs. When I usually make corn dogs she eats only the corn bread part, but made with this she ate the whole thing! Here are my pancakes.

Here are my omelets!
I haven't even scratched the surface of what this thing can do and already my kids are eating good things!

I love new gadgets that work!!


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  1. Kirsten

    That is so funny. We have two of those pans. They are called aableskiver pans, and come from Scandinavia. We’ve grown up cooking aableskivers, which are danish puff pancakes. I’m going to try cooking omelets it them, though. That’s great!

  2. Angie Kent Rennie

    Melissa –
    That cracked me up!!! We’ve never had cable TV (or even watched TV) for most of our 11 years of marriage… until this summer. We got one of those “everybody’s-gonna-need-one-soon” digital converter boxes so we could watch General Conference in April. Once school was out, the kids asked if they could watch a little TV.
    We all know that there is NO SUCH THING as a “little TV” unless you rule over the evil, commercial-spewing beast with an iron-fisted remote. Needless to say, my kids, who had never watched commercials, were addicted!
    I shoulda known it was coming when my 7 year old enthusiastically says to me, out of the blue, “Mommy! I know what you need! You need a Ped-Egg!” A blank look from me inspired him to explain it’s use & my obvious need of one. Thanks, sweetie, for your concern.
    I realized the seriousness of the commercial brainwashing when my 3 year old told me that we HAD TO BUY a Pancake Puff pan. A what? All 5 kids then began extolling the virtues of said pan, the amazing, wonderful foods that it creates… Even my extremely picky 8 year old was giving me recipes that would be palatable IF they were made in the Pancake Puff pan.
    We have now had lots of discussions about what commercials are REALLY all about. When one comes on, they now comment to each other like little old ladies, “Sheesh, they just want your money!” or “Who really needs one of those?”.
    But I have to say, after watching the commercial myself, & now reading your blog entry, I’m a little tempted to ignore my own conscience & buy a Pancake Puff pan. After all, it comes with that cool tool to fill up all sorts of goodies! Hmmm…
    xoxo Angie

  3. andi

    I have seen that pan. I wondered if it was really worth it. I guess it is. I have picky kids too. Maybe it would help. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Tara Brooks

    They look like Abelskievers. A danish pastry that is basically a pancake ball served with some type of jelly or preserves. I love getting some when we go to Solvang, CA. It looks yummy!

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