May 04

My Little Tori Model

Tori was a model for my friend Elizabeth (check out her blog on here). She had the cutest little hats for Tori to model. The pictures are stunning! 

Tori hat 044
Tori hat 063
Tori hat 064
Tori hat 078
Tori hat 094
Tori hat 115 bw
Tori hat 125
Tori hat 152
Tori hat 159
Tori hat 160bw
Tori hat 177
Tori hat 179bw
Check out her blog for more pictures and I will get the website for the hats because they are too cute!! Thank you my friend for using Tori! You did an amazing job!!


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  1. Alexis Thunell

    Oh my goodness…she is such a tub…and I could just eat her up!!! What a doll-baby! Those caps are darling on her! Her eyes are gorgeous. You guys make cute babies.

  2. Marci

    Gorgeous!!! absolutely. There is no way I could pick a favorite.

  3. cherie

    cute! cute! cute! she’s the perfect model!

  4. Jordan

    Wow those are stunning

  5. mom

    So adorable! Nothing could be cuter!

  6. Kjersten Troxel

    She is rollie pollie deliciousness!

  7. mom basua

    My baby Tori is such doll, U just want to kiss her all over,but she is so far away,so Adam and Melissa has to kiss her for us, enjoy your baby cause they grow so fast. love mom

  8. Diane Moore

    Oh my sister you have all the luck! Those are koolaid amazing, and u know how we Moores feel about our koolaid! I have to have one or two, hee hee. Every time I see pics of her I feel so connected to her she reminds me of Marqus so much, little things u know like the pic with the pink and purple hat its a close up to her face and shes not smiling its the 5th one down, totally Marqus cheeks weighing her face down and everything. I even love the way she smells. You know how when you pick up another womens baby and he dont smell as good as yours does, Tori smells so good to me. Rhea says its cause we are like mamma animals each herd has it own sent. Lol. Beautiful pictures sister, you are so blessed.

  9. Diane Moore

    By the way 8th one down is my favorite!!

  10. Hentai Maximum

    now I’ll stay tuned..

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