Apr 15

Little Helper

Tori is starting to be a cute little helper! She loves to copy what anyone does! It is usually very funny. Here she is trying to BBQ like her Daddy!


During spring break I cleaned out her room and washed her walls and stuff. I left the cleaner and rag to go do something and this is what Adam found!


Gotta love that face!!




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  1. Marie Beck

    I really do love that face! You can’t love at it without smiling and laughing.

  2. mom

    Like mommy-like daughter! Better watch what you do, huh? Kids watch you like a hawk. What the sweet one.

  3. Kjersten Troxel

    Send her on over! cute thing!!!

  4. denise

    Love her cheesy smile. Only thing is this is the stage where it’s too scary to shower … 🙂

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