Nov 11

La Donna é Mobile

Many people don’t know that I am a big Star Trek fan. Actually, a lot do know that. I’d say it’s a good 50-50 ratio. The funny thing is that I got Melissa into it too.

For a while now, I have been watching the DVDs of Star Trek Voyager. It was a Star Trek series that ended about 5 years ago. It has turned out to be my favorite of them all. In particular, I like the character known as the Doctor. He’s not a real person on the show, just some computer program that appears as if he is real. Anyways, the actual actor who plays him has a pretty good opera voice. He has sung a number of times on the show. The other night I saw an episode of a rather silly scene where he is daydreaming and stealing the show with an opera performance to the crew.

I put in on YouTube so that I can share it with you all. It is classic and it’s especially funny if you know the characters involved and understand the Star Trek world. If you don’t, you’ll at least appreciate the song.



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