Jun 18

Introducing Michael!

The kids were so so excited to come to the hospital to meet their baby brother. The oldest five were there just an hour after he was born.

When we called the kids to tell them Michael was a boy, Zoe automatically asked, “Is it a boy?!” She was pretty happy when I answered YES!

Could those smiles get any bigger?!

The nurse came to take Michael for his bath. The kids all got to go watch at the window. When he came back, his blood sugar levels were low so Nik got to feed him a bottle!

Marci brought Ariana and Tori with her. Ariana was thrilled to see Baby Michael!

Tori just woke up from the car ride and did not like anyone or anything. She barely wanted to see me! She would not let me touch her with the hand I had a band-aid on. She didn’t want anything to do with Michael! I was worried but after a while she did warm up and hold him. But I didn’t get a picture! So sad! Hopefully Marci got a good one!

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  1. jaime

    Look at the smiles! Such proud and excited big siblings! Michael is so cute and we can’t wait for Peyton to get here so they can be buddies! 🙂

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