Dec 16

Homemade Gifts!

I love the homemade gifts the kids make at school. I love how excited they are to give something they have worked hard on. This year Zoe has been obsessed with what to make Adam that he will love. She made something for me already. Apparently I am very easy to give gifts too since I "need a lot of things!" She recruited Ammon and eventually Nik and spent hours in Ammon's room making something. I was very nervous because I hate glue, tape, and crayons to be out of my controlled kitchen but I let it go. 

Monday Zoe, Ammon and Nik decided to give us the gift early since it was a decoration. I am so glad they did! They made Santa in his sleigh with a bag of presents and all his reindeer!


Pictures don't do this gift justice. Their creativity is priceless! See the snow on the ground? The green Christmas tree all decorated?


There is Santa on his sleigh with presents for all the good boys and girls!


You can't forget Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!

Thanks Nik, Zoe and Ammon for a great gift!!!



  1. Pam Caudill

    That’s really adorable!

  2. zoe basua

    your welcome your welcome love, zoe

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