Jun 20

Happy Father’s Day

We celebrated Father’s day a week early so Adam could receive all the love his deserves on his special day. He had his choice of dinner and dessert. He asked for ice cream cake that Zoe loved helping make!

He got lots of treats from all the kids!

Lots of cards too.

Tori planted herself on his lap and didn’t move so she could help with everything!

We had a great time celebrating what a great Daddy he is! I couldn’t ask for anything more!! He is an amazing Father!

Yesterday at church the kids filled out a little questionnaire about their Daddy. They made us laugh. Marie suggested I do this every year to see how their ideas of their Daddy change. Hopefully I remember because I love that idea!

According to Kalixta her Dad is 39, and loves to eat and work! He doesn’t like to take out the trash or die! She said, “The best thing about my Dad is he loves me so much.” and “I know my Dad loves me because I know he does!”

Ammon knew his Dad was 39 too. According to Ammon Dad loves to eat peanuts and chew gum. He doesn’t like to be mad at Ammon! Ammon says, “The best thing about my Dad is he is nice to me.” and “I know my Dad loves me because I am Ammon!”

Britain said her Dad was 29 and loves to be silly. He doesn’t like to clean! She says, “The best thing about my Dad is being my Dad.” and “I know my Dad loves me because I love him.”

Lastly Zoe knew her Dad was 39 too. He loves to be awesome and help us! He doesn’t like to be mean! She says, “The best thing about my Dad is he is super nice and cool. And he gives us candy!” and “I know my Dad loves me because he gives us candy and he take care of us!”

The kids are right, their Dad is pretty awesome! I am thankful for Adam and his attention to details that sometimes drives me nuts but makes our family run smoother and makes us all happier! I am grateful that he takes us to church and fulfills the role as patriarch in our home! I am grateful that each day he tries to be better in every way!! I love you Adam and couldn’t imagine life without you!!

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