Oct 26

Happy Birthday Tori!!

We celebrated Tori's birthday Sunday with all the family and some friends over. She had a great time! She was a little hesitant to open presents at first, but that didn't last long!


She got this microphone that she LOVES! It plays lots of different songs she can sing along to and it records. The best is her butt shaking that she does when she dances! So cute!!


She of course got lots of cards and lots of kisses! 


She got yummy presents!


And fun presents! 


Super cute presents too!


This is her new sock animal! She loves it!


I love this outfit, with her little brown leggings it is adorable!


I made her a cake from her favorite movie, Up! I don't think she even cared, she just wanted her cupcake!

Happy happy birthday to a fantastic girl!! And thanks to everyone for making her birthday great! We love you all!


  1. Angel Linde

    Love that girl!! and all your kids! Happy Birthday Tori!

  2. Melissa Curtis

    Cool cake!

  3. denise

    Cool cake! Love it … and that cute girl!

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