Jan 18

Happy Birthday Kalixta and Britain!!

My sweet girls turn 8 today!! I know I always say this but, I can’t believe it!!! I was completely shocked when the Dr. told me I was going to have twins! I didn’t know what I was going to do!  I was struggling to keep up with three! Nik was 6, Zoe had just turned 4 and Ammon would have been 2! We were living with Adam’s parents. But a loving Heavenly Father had a plan like He always does! He has blessed and strengthened me is ways I can’t even comprehend! I can’t imagine my life with out these two silly vibrate girls!! They are so different and at the same time compliment each other so well!

Sunday when everyone was here for dinner we celebrated. Their dinner choice was easy this year and featured their favorite, frog egg salad just like last year AND the year before! Adam tried hard to change their minds but he didn’t succeed! They also wanted mashed potatoes and chicken. Here is a picture just for Auntie Marie!! We miss you!!

There was lots of love during the opening of presents!

Ammon was the cute present organizer! He would take each gift and place it in a pile. He made a pile for Britt and a pile for Kalixta. Each pile was built exactly the same!

They cracked me up opening presents! Kalixta would opened her present really fast to be the first one! Britain would watch her and react, knowing she got the same thing but hadn’t opened it yet!! Jeff and Kylie bought them two books each! I think they are almost done reading them! I know Zoe is!!

We are so excited to see Great-Grandma Mike at least once a week! The kids all love her!

She got the girls bracalet making kits. They can’t wait to do them with her!

They are modeling their new clothes they picked out when they went shopping with Grandma and Grandpa! They were so excited to open binders filled with paper and sheet protectors from Marci, Kenny and KP! They were seriously thrilled Marci! They also opened a paper telling them Marci, Kenny and KP are coming to their baptism next month!! They can’t wait to see you guys!!

The cake choices were as different as the girls are! Britain wanted a strawberry cake that we dressed up with chocolate dipped strawberries!

Kalixta wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate chip cookie dough baked on top! Delicious!! And yes for the 8th year running Britain blew out her candles first!!

Monday we went to Adam’s sister’s house to celebrate the girls’ birthday along with their Uncle Lou whose birthday was on the 14th and cousin Rhea whose birthday was on the 12th!

Great Grandma Gloria got the girls some cute shoes!

They had a great time playing with cousins, opening more presents and getting some more love! Uncle Rhea, Auntie Diane and cousin Marqus with the birthday girls!

Grandma Sylvia and Britain and Kalixta.

Uncle Lou Lou is so fun, he got them hula hoops!

They were excited to wear their new clothes to school before their birthday!! My cute models!!

Happy happy birthday Kalixta and Britain!! I love you two so much!!!!



  1. Leslie

    MAN! I miss those girls!!! I REALLY REALLY DO! Can you Fed Ex them to me or something!!? Please? I’ll send them back one day. I cant believe they are eight. They have got to be the cutest girls I know. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS!!!

  2. Jaime and Jason

    Happy Birthday! We love those girls so so much and can’t believe how grown up and beautiful they both are. I LOVE their cake choices!! Both so different and look so amazingly delicious! They are just so sweet and so loved! Tell them we said Happy Birthday!

  3. Marie

    I’m so proud of my girls! What a great choice!. I wish I could have been there. I miss you guys too!

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