Nov 16

Gobble Gobble!

Did you know that female turkeys cluck but they cannot gobble? Just an interesting second grade fact! 

Sunday we made our annual thankful turkeys. The kids had been asking when we were going to make them! I am glad they remember and like this tradition because I LOVE it!

I totally forgot to take pictures last night (What is wrong with me, right?!) so I took these tonight.


Britain- Love, Family, Mrs. Miller & School, Friends


Ariana- Bedtime snacks, Cartoons, Paisy & Siddy, Jane & Sarah (her bestest friends), Toys


Kalixta- Family, Holidays, Food, Friends


Zoe- Toilets, Family & Me, T.V. & Wii, Food & Candy


Nik- Maisy, House, Food, Family


Ammon- My Family, Uncles & Aunts, Food & Water, School & Teachers


Tori- Big Girl Food, Dogs, Family, Toys

Marie- Car, Ice Cream, Basketball, Family

Michelle- Health, Art, Jordan & Family, Faith

Jordan- Work, Temple, Michelle My Bell & Family, Nieces & Nephews

Marci- Working from Home, Sid-i-poo, My hubby Kenny, Health

Kenny- Nieces & Nephews, Family, Sid, Marci

Melissa- Gospel, Good Health, Adam & Kids, Family

So tell me….

What are YOU thankful for??


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  1. leslie

    I could tell you what Im thankful for because my thankful turkey is on my fridge too! We did it last night. Thanks for giving us the idea!! So cute!

  2. Sylvia Basua

    I’m thankful for all my grandchildern, and all my family and friends, for the love U all give, Thank You, Ilove U all.

  3. denise

    I should have been following your blog last year to get the idea sooner! 🙂 So cute. And so good to remind kids of how much there is to be thankful for.

  4. Jaime

    Dang..I love doing the thankful turkey! Well maybe Jason will be a good sport and do them with me this week. I love reading all the kids answers to what they’re thankful for. They’re so sweet!

    1. Jesslyn

      Knowledge wants to be free, just like these artecils!

  5. andi

    I am so thankful for this idea. Great to do on Sunday or Monday night this week. Thanks.

  6. Melissa Curtis

    What I’ve learned this year comes from Ephesian and the D&C; having thanks in ALL things and not just when things are going my way. So, I’m definitely thankful for my family, good health, friends, and feeling Heavenly Father’s Love, but I’m ALSO thankful for my misunderstandings and lack of wealth and rude drivers. Verbalizing these things in gratitude has shifted my perspective…for that I’m thankful as well. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Love you.

  7. Melissa Basua

    hello mother

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